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June 3rd: The sequence begins with fragment event δi. Join us at dusk on the North bank of the Danube (Heterotopia Perpetuum Mobile, 20:00) to experience the initial stirrings of what will become a month long series of increasingly monumental VERNAE manifestations in Belgrade. Gallery opens at 20:00, performance action from 21:00-22:00.







VERNAE, a Seattle-based experimental film project based on The Rite of Spring, will present a series of 6 performance installations in Belgrade in June/July 2015. Four unique and incomplete fragment performances throughout June will present partial glimpses of the VERNAE universe which will agglomerate to form a 4 hour durational spectacle at The Drugstore (July 2nd) and will persist as a documentary assembly on display in INEX Gallery. Each of the 4 fragment events simultaneously foreshadow and define the emergent and conclusive synthesis, which will combine elements of live dance, durational performance art, structured electronic/vocal/sample-based live music, kinetic sculptural installation, and film projection.

Watch the trailer and read more about VERNAE at


fragment/δii – CIGLANA (DEV9T FESTIVAL) /JUNE 12
fragment/δiii – BIOSKOP ZVEZDA /JUNE 26
synthesis/Σ – THE DRUGSTORE //JULY 2
afterimage/Ω – INEX GALLERY //JUNE 4 – JULY 9


An idea for a short experimental film based on The Rite of Spring has since expanded substantially, manifesting into a series of live multimedia installations and performance events, while still supporting and working towards the goal of a completely original filmic vision. Over a development cycle of over 2 years, VERNAE has grown to include the collaborative works of over 50 dancers, performers, sculptors, designers, and musicians, led by creator Ethan Folk, and by co-creators The House of ia (kb Thomason, Jillayne Hunter), Alice Gosti, Devin McDermott, and Tyler Wardwell.

This performance series will include collaborations which some of the most talented local artists and musicians in Belgrade, particularly pann+onn, Kezz, Dušan Savić, Nicola Jargić, and Aleksandra Petković.

On site collaborators in Belgrade are:
Ethan Folk: Creator
Tyler Wardwell: Co-creator, Performer
Calie Swedberg: Performer
Patrick Wardwell: Performer
Brace Evans: Performer
pann+onn: Musician
Kezz: Musician
Antonia Price: Costume Designer/ Sculptor
Sophia Wheelwright: Sculptor
Nicola Jargić: Installation Artist
Aleksandra Petković: Installation Artist
Dusan Savic: Production Manager / Facilitator
Hanna McFall: Researcher
Complete list of creators/collaborators at

This series is commissioned and supported by a residency at Inex Gallery.

More info:
Ethan Folk:
Perpetuum Mobile:


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