Gaëlle Leenhardt / „TO APPROPRIATE“

Gaëlle Leenhardt / „TO APPROPRIATE“

1. novembar 2015 u ISSU Perpetuum Mobile

After a month of residency across Pancevo Bridge, next to the river.
I woud like to invite you to come and discover this place that I appropriated.
It would be the time to share an experience I had around some drinks and food.
I will also show two films which are in some aspects relevant to my research.
Bring warm clothes, blankets, it will be cold, but hopefully sunny.

Screening time:

„Le pleins pays“ Antoine Boutet, 58min

„La maison de Jean-Pierre Raynaud“ Michelle Porte, 33min


Affect, assign, allocate, impinge, allot, devote, dedicate, consecrate, give, spare, assume, lay hold of, snatch, capture, seize, take over.

Appropriation from 5th of October until 1st of November.

Pančevački put bb (Dunavska obala)
11210 Beograd – Krnjača

No defined idea.
Just a field of experimentation.
Connected to the place, space, location.
In between architecture.
Part is a gallery.
Part is under construction.
Part is a field.
Part is water.

Month-long appropriation started by living there.
Different people crossed their paths, worked there with me, have been a part of the appropriation.

Gaëlle Leenhardt

„In this case, experience means contact with the being and renewal of the self in this contact – a test, but one that remains undetermined“
Jean-François Pirson

Here is the link of the website related to the 4 weeks of residency: