Savamala – A City Quarter Re-Invents Itself

A Goethe-Institut Project 2011-2013

Curator: Tim Rieniets







Third Belgrade / We love also the Art of others / MedaLAB in Savamala

In 2013 the Goethe-Institut Belgrade will launch an alternative urban development project called Urban Incubator: Belgrade. The aim of the project is to generate urban development not in the manner of large-scale top-down urban planning design, but rather on the basis of individual cultural and social initiatives that are qualifying urban space from the bottom-up. The Urban Incubator: Belgrade will be located in Savamala, a quarter located at the River Sava and close to the old city center, which is in a state of severe decay.

The 3BGD idea, apart from setting up a gallery on the Danube bank, is to make a site-specific Media Lab which should bridge Savamala’s artistic space to the rest of the artistic initiatives and artists in Belgrade. The Savamala venue would represent not only another culture site, but also a new mental space, that is, a new module of structuring of art and culture which would represent an utopian model. Utopia today is a representation of social contradictions and an attempt to define the enclave within the social space.

3BGD should install a temporary experimental field, the mental space, in which artists of 3BGD will invite certain artists or certain artistic positions. The criteria to invite somebody is the term love. The concept, according to which the interaction takes place, is defined in the title „We love also the art of others“. Invited artists would have an obligation to conduct their artistic research in the context of Savamala, to thematize and ultimately to articulate site-specific work in the form of “new media”. This kind of work should also be presented in Savamala. The presentation space should be defined in relation to the artistic work itself.

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